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CRdC Tecnologie Scarl promotes the results of E-BRAKE at the 6th edition of the SMS 2021 Conference and Exhibition

Smart Materials & Surfaces is a three-day conference aimed at researchers interested in the design, modification, characterization and applications of new intelligent materials, surfaces and structures. The event involves the most promising areas of research and development of intelligent and multifunctional materials with the aim of establishing a global platform for researchers and engineers from all over the world to exchange new ideas and experiences between the academic and industrial sectors and present the recent advances in this emerging research field.

The conference was an opportunity for CRdC Tecnologie Scarl to present the Surface Coatings for Small Aircraft Brakes Application developed as part of the E-BRAKE project concerning the study of new surface coatings, made with additive manufacturing technologies, such as friction materials for application to brakes in the aeronautical sector.

Among the various coatings analyzed, the tungsten carbide coating showed high thermal conductivity and diffusivity. This means that the tungsten carbide coatings have a high capacity to propagate the thermal field even in non-stationary conditions without accumulating it in the braking rotor-stator interfaces avoiding overheating of the friction surfaces with catastrophic consequences.

Therefore, a small thickness of tungsten carbide (0.5mm) can improve the braking action without significantly altering the weight of the brake. The application of this coating has an additive cost, but due to its high properties, the braking action is improved, the wear of the brake is reduced and its service life is improved.

Thanks to this Surface Coatings technology, the E-BRAKE project is able to optimize the electromechanical brake actuation system, satisfying the sizing, production, accessibility and performance requirements for small aircraft in line with the Clean Sky 2 objectives aimed at reducing significant emissions of CO2, NOx and noise pollution. For further information, consult the Press & Publications section.

To learn more, download the slides of the CRdC Tecnologie Scarl presentation.

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