Ergo maregroup 19 May 2022
Ergo Project

Sep.2017 – Jul.2019


Wearable Devices
Motion Capture (inertial sensors)


Smart Manufacturing (ergonomic analysis)
Movement analysis in sports
Motor rehabilitation in the medical field

The project aims to develop and implement an integrated system (wearable hardware and software) of analysis and diagnostics, aimed both at improving the efficiency of human activities in terms of production time and cost in any working environment and also to have the objectification of ergonomic analysis at workstations, the main focus being on the use of the operator as the information vehicle.


Research and Development

Mare Group annually invests in Research and Development to promote and expand projects, technologies and the ideas of its team. Every year, the Group faces bigger challenges in wanting to become a reference point for companies in Southern Italy. Find out more about other projects.

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