Il Gruppo maregroup 25 February 2022

Growth, Innovation, Evolution

Mare Group is the evolution of Mare Engineering, an engineering consultancy company founded in 2001 with the objective to deliver engineering services to large companies. After having undergone an organic growth, the company decided to acquire additional innovative companies, thus becoming a group.
A characteristic of our times is the continuous transformation of SMEs and of the PA; Mare Group has extended its market by accompanying SMEs and the PA in this transformation. The Group’s brand have continued to develop innovation on the most promising technological frontiers, through dedicated brands that deal with different aspects within an evolutionary context: business consulting, communication and marketing, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, smart data, design, development, and enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

An experienced management

The Mare Group manageralization aims to further improve market results and organization by allocating strategic professionals and coordinating the management of the execution through the integration of brands.


Antonio Maria Zinno

Chief Executive Officer

Antonio Maria Zinno was born in Italy in 1976. After high school classical studies, he graduated in 2001 in Materials Engineering at “Federico II” University of Naples. His passion and aptitude for entrepreneurship led him to create new business driven by innovative ideas.

Antonio published numerous scientific papers and has been relator for various dissertation presentations. He also patented the LinUP Systems for Industry 4.0 and the Innoida methodologies for AI applied in quality production.

In 2001 he founded Mare Engineering, an R&D company that developed new methodologies for industrial products and processes. Both as a shareholder and as a director, Antonio has managed several companies in Digital Engineering field.

In 2022 he received the decoration of Cavaliere al Merito della Repubblica Italiana.

Marco Bellucci

Chairman and R&D Strategy

Marco Bellucci was born in Italy in 1973. He graduated in 1998 in Materials Engineering at “Federico II” University of Naples. He gets passionate to industrial research and technology transfer, at the beginning of its career as a researcher and subsequently as entrepreneur. In 2001 is co-founder of Mare Group S.p.A., a company acting in supplying of innovative technology and services to SME, Big Company and Public Administration. He got direct responsibility in concept, writing, coordination and participation to more than 100 research projects concerning industrial product/process simulation, innovative materials and technologies and Artificial Intelligence. He is author of scientific publications on journals and conference proceedings, two patents concerning industrial quality control using Artificial Intelligence and a software copyright, named Factory Sketch. He is partner in startups concerning Artificial Intelligence and digital consultancy technologies.

Valerio Griffa

Board member and International Director

Valerio Griffa was born in Italy in 1956. After having completed high school studies, he graduated at the Politecnico University in Turin in 1985. Executive at Fiat Group Company over a 15 years period, he has built managerial and technical skills in the fields of Strategy Plan, Production and Manufacturing Engineering processes, respect to automotive industry. Over the period he enforced expertise and capabilities, by interacting with european and asian OEMs. He was speaker for Technology Universities dissertations. Inclination and interest in international contexts, brought him to strengthen abroad experience, for both personal and professional reasons, to become familiar with multicultural environments, learning foreign languages. The spirit of enterprise brought him 10 years ago, to enter Mare Group S.p.A. as shareholder. Presently he plays role as foreign companies’ CEO at Mare Group.

Marco Lo Sardo

BDM Engineering

Marco Lo Sardo è nato in Italia nel 1966. Dopo aver concluso gli studi classici, si è laureato nel 1992 in Ingegneria Aereonautica presso l’Università “Federico II” di Napoli.

Termina i suoi studi con un diploma in Turbomachine al Von Karman Istitute in Belgio.

Ha lavorato con crescenti livelli di responsabilità nella gestione di unità produttive e progetti di ammodernamento in quattro diversi continenti, acquisendo una conoscenza a 360° dell'utilizzo dei risultati economici per stabilire inequivocabilmente le migliori strategie di miglioramento da attuare.

Con la responsabilità dell'introduzione di WCM e come Auditor nel gruppo Fiat ha potuto specializzarsi nel utilizzo degli strumenti del miglioramento continuo.

In questo periodo ha l'opportunità di far conoscere il metodo in tutto il mondo e di comprendere le grandi potenzialità che può sviluppare nelle diverse realtà produttive e no.

Durante la sua vita lavorativa ha avuto esperienza sia nell'apertura di stabilimenti dal prato verde in America che nella chiusura di uno stabilimento in Europa Occidentale (Francia), oltre ad essere parte del team di Manufactoring Board di Magneti Marelli e nel Logistic Board del Gruppo Fiat.

Nel 2012 è entrato nel gruppo Mare

Ha pubblicato numerosi articoli scientifici ed è stato relatore di molte tesi di laurea. Ha brevettato, per l’azienda LinUp, i sistemi per l’Industria 4.0 e le metodologie Innoida per l’Intelligenza Artificiale applicate nel contesto della produzione di qualità.

Domenico Soriano

Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer of Mare Group, responsible for product development and the areas of AI & Big Data and XR. Co-founder and CTO of Innoida S.r.l. company specialized in Artificial Intelligence Video Analysis solutions.

He was the CEO of Eclettica S.r.l., a company specialized in innovative solutions of AI & Big Data Analytics, a company acquired by Mare Group in 2021. In the first years of his career he worked actively for international companies such as Ericsson, Telecom,, Accenture, Tiscali. Manager and entrepreneur since 2000 he was CTO and co-founder of Nexsoft S.p.A, a company specialized in ICT Services Consulting and development of System Integration solutions.

Since 2010 he has been actively involved in startups through Techintouch S.r.l of which he is co-founder and CEO and has collaborated with Digital Magics S.p.A. of which he was Venture Partner for southern Italy.

He was CTO of ITsys S.r.l. Company specialized in the management of IT systems, co-founder, CEO of Skillme S.r.l. and Member of the board of directors of several startups.

Massimo Violante

Chief information officer

Computer scientist, Neapolitan, born in 1969.

He started designing and developing software in the late 80's.

Since 1990 he has worked for Fiat Research Center (Elasis) as a designer / developer and project manager in the manufacturing sector.

He has continued, since 2001, as Consultant for a world-wide IT service company, covering roles of Solution Architect, Program Manager and Service Manager in complex and mission-critical projects (for banking, insurance and public sector) and some international experiences.

In 2020 he has accepted a new job challenge in Mare Group, with the role of CIO and he’s member of the Governance team.

PMP, ITIL and Agile Scrum Master certified.

He is member of the South Italy Association of Project Managers.

Antonio Gorrasi

Managing Director

Engineer with experience in General Management, Operations, Information Technology, Customer Base Value Management, in large and medium-sized international companies.

Born in 1977, in 2003 joined Accenture Consulting, becoming Manager in the Technology & Operations area in 2009.

From 2010 covered role of Chief Information Security Officer of Lottomatica, becoming in next years Senior Director of IT Governance & Security at Global level for IGT (Lottomatica’s group).

Since 2017 started a SME experience in an innovative and successful multi-utility named Optima Italia, here he covered role of Operations Director and Board Member.

From 2021, he is Managing Director of Mare Group, in charge for the organizational and operational management of the Group's offer integration and execution of the industrial plan. Driven by complex challenges, in constant search for learning through listening and team building.

Gianluca Manca

Chief Marketing Officer

Born in 1984, degree in philosophy, journalist. More than 10 years of experience in Marketing, communication and public relationships.

In 2013 found Intertwine, a startup who raised more than 1M in foundraising.

He co-organized Startup Weekend and Nastartup.

From 2020 to 2022 he has been CMO in Insem Group, a digital company from Campania.

From 2022 he is CMO in Mare Group and is member of company governanc. Ex basketball player, he is a compulsive books and boardgame collector; he has a terrible phobia for cockroaches.

Giovanni Caturano

Innovation and Communication Director

Extended Reality Pioneer, guitarist, programmer and entrepreneur. Born in 1971 in Italy, Giovanni started creating commercial software when he was 14, then, with SpinVector, he designed video games that reached millions of players and received international awards exceeding $500K.

In Mare Group he directs Innovation and Communication, with a focus on Industry and Cultural Heritage.

He holds a class of video games and virtual reality at UniSannio. Speaker in national and international conferences (including two talks at the Mobile World Congress), Giovanni is also active in institutional and social associations (e.g. Confindustria), fostering innovative company startup and development through numerous initiatives. He also wrote technical articles and contributed to scientific proceedings in various fields.

Luigi Di Palma

Chief of Operating Office and R&D

Luigi is a long-experienced researcher, engineer and manager operating in many industrial sectors especially in aeronautics. He got a Master of Computer Applications focused on automatic calculation from Università degli studi di Perugia (1999) and a full Diploma of Laurea in Engineering from University of Naples (1998). Currently, he fills the role of Chief Operating Office at Mare Group and has been the head of aerostructure design and dynamics dept at Italian Aerospace Research Center (CIRA), where he has led several development aeronautic programs (2003-2021) involving main industry partners. Luigi has also been researcher and adjunct Professor in Materials Engineering at University of Naples Federico II and Second University of Naples (1998-2001). Member of VulcanAir VF600w vehicle homologation team in 2001 to 2003.

He was appointed as Governing Board member of European Commission Clean Sky 2 JU (2018-2021) and member of Clean Sky 2 Fast Rotorcraft Steering Committee as well (2016-2021). Among others, he won and coordinated large programs devoted to the full development of main systems of innovative European aircrafts (respectively the wing of Leonardo’s NGCTR tiltrotor and the landing gear system of Airbus’s Racer compound helicopter), clustering several Italian high skilled and technological companies, universities, and research centers.

He is author of 50 scientific international peer-reviewed publications with focus on new materials and innovative aircrafts (manned and unmanned). Speaker and chairman in several international technical congresses. eVtol NASA speaker and Boeing/Airbus simulation working group member.

Gennaro Tesone

Chief Growth Officer

A Neapolitan engineer, innovator and entrepreneur born in 1975. In 2004 he founded his first company in the Information & Communication Technology sector, holding the role of the Director with responsibility for the commercial area. In 2011 he founded the first private incubator in the Campania Region and in 2017 the first within a private university, in 2012 he founded Eclettica a company which sold solutions to medium / large companies and it catered for the main companies on the Italian productive scene. In 2020, through a share exchange mechanism, he confers his company to Maregroup in which he holds a role of commercial management and growth for external lines with a particular focus on M&A activities.

Vincenzo Grosso

Chief Financial and Administration Officer

Was born in 1988. He holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena (Spain) and a Master’s Degree in Economics and Management from the Università Roma Tre.

From 2012 to 2016 he held the position of management consultant at the Bosco&Co, where he managed corporate reorganization projects and implementation of planning and control systems in SMEs.

From 2016 to 2018 he covered the role of Global Business Controller at System Group and was the project manager for change management and for the reorganization of Production Plants.

From 2018 to 2020 He covered the role of PMO at Business Integration Partners dealing with complex projects for Global companies.

In 2020 he joined the Mare Group as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer. He manages and coordinates the areas of finance, accounting, purchasing, HR, quality, and P&C.

Organizational issues of business processes and Planning & Control systems are his passion; he has a practical approach and looks towards ongoing personal challenge and improvement.

Salvatore Parisi

Credit Manager

Born in Italy in 1959, for 40 years he has held numerous positions of responsibility, particularly in the corporate world up to the management of one of the largest banks in Europe. In Mare Group, he has the role of Credit Manager who has the task of governing the global credit situation of the company, the application of agreements with customers and compliance with internal rules and procedures, highlighting the non-conforming behaviors and providing any corrective action, as well as interacting with banks in order to obtain the best financial assistance.

Paola Marzario

Indipendent Director

Having graduated in Law from the Bocconi Commercial University of Milan in 2004, during her studies, Paola, at just 20 years old, founded ItaliaCasting, a company specializing in electronic ticketing systems and the organization of events.

In 2008 Paola seizes an important opportunity and sells 65% of ItaliaCasting to the Best Union Spa Group (one of the main Italian operators in ticketing and access control management), while maintaining the management of her company and at the same time starting to work for Best Union with the task of developing new business opportunities.

Important years in which Paola began to develop her own network of relationships with the main international marketplaces, which would later become the basis of her new business. Thanks to the experience acquired in e-commerce, in 2012 she decided to start again with a new entrepreneurial adventure and in 2012 she founded Brandon Ferrari, renamed BrandOn Group in 2016. Now an expert in the e-commerce sector, Paola today dedicates herself to internationalizing numerous Italian companies through online channels. At forty-two years old, she is the mother of Alessandro and Massimo, aged 7 and 5 respectively, she manages a team of over 40 people with an average age of 26 years and 70% women. You are currently Senior Partner of the Netcomm Consortium, and you are also a mentor of Polihub, the incubator of the Polytechnic of Milan managed by the Polytechnic of Milan Foundation.

Nicola Di Palma

Presidente Organismo di Vigilanza

Graduated in Law, qualified lawyer with over 20 years of experience in leading legal/commercial/tax firms.

Expert in banking and bankruptcy law with extensive experience in consultancy on asset protection and segregation, shareholder agreements, family agreements, foundations, holding companies, usufruct and bare ownership, participatory financial instruments, restriction of destination, fiduciary mandate, the trust. These experiences were gained through working relationships with the major Swiss banks in the years 2010-2015. Corporate compliance expert drafting forms pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 and corporate criminal law, member of numerous supervisory bodies. Registered in the national register of judicial administrators at no. 2429

Debora Mautone

Manager Assistant

Graduated in international trade economics and currency markets in 2001 from the University of Naples Parthenope. After some work experience in the role of economic and financial analyst, in 2006 she joined Mare Engineering, later called Mare Group, in the role of Grant and Public Funding Manager.

She was responsible for the direction, coordination, management and reporting of projects using the resources of national, regional and community subsidized finance laws. Over 100 active projects managed and reported in partnership with CNR, University of Padua, Fiat, Ferrari, Airbus, Polytechnic of Turin and many others.

She deals with the management and coordination of R&D projects, as an expert in EU FD and management and coordination of local and regional innovation projects.

Consultant for SMEs in relation to the creation of new businesses and entrepreneurial approach, financial management and business planning. He recently held the role of manager assistant.

Fulvio Guarino

Chief Commercial Officer

Born in '68, manager with around 15 years of experience in business development for engineering services gained in positions of increasing responsibility in a national context, with work locations in Italy. Responsible for the growth of revenues and related profitability, with responsibility for Recruitment, Management processes and definition of strategy for growth on the reference market. For Mare Group, responsible for the Commercial Area with legal power of attorney for the signing and stipulation of contracts in the Industrial division relating to the Aerospace, Manufacturing, Railway sector, with direct relationship with the end customer, management and monitoring of orders, planning and control of order costs. Budgeting. Management of monthly reporting of relevant activities. Management of resources relating to the Industrial area of the group. Today part of the executive management in the role of Chief Commercial Officer.

Francesco Grillo

Independent director

Francesco Grillo graduated cum laude in Economics at LUISS University (Rome), before getting an MBA from Boston University as a Fulbright Scholar. He also holds a Ph.D. in Political Economy from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Francesco is Professor at Bocconi University where he teaches at the Master of Transformative Sustainability (jointly held with the Politecnico Milan) and Visiting Fellow at The European University Institute. He is also Affiliate Professor at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa and teacher at the summer school of University of International Business Economics in Beijing. He has been Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute and at St. Antony's College (University of Oxford). He is advisor on urban policies to Italy’s Minister of Infrastructure and he has been advisor to Italy’s Minister of Education, Universities and Research. Grillo has been associate of the management consulting firm McKinsey and he is now Managing Director of Vision and Value, which evaluates public policies of major institutions (including the European Commission) and advises multinationals on how digital technologies are changing the nature of industries. He is also columnist for Il Messaggero, Corriere della Sera, Linkiesta, and The Guardian, and a regular guest on La7, SkyTG24 and RaiNews24. Moreover, Grillo is also Director of the think tank Vision. Together with Vision he leads two annual international conferences, one in Siena on the future of Europe; and the Dolomite conference on global governance of climate change– which act as problem solving platform gathering policy makers, academics, journalist and entrepreneurs from different countries and background. He is author of peer reviewed articles and policy papers: the latest is on a proposal to use electronic voting as an instrument which enables transnational constituencies at the election of the European Parliament. His latest books (2019) are “Democracy and Growth in the 21st century: the diverging cases of China and Italy” edited by Springer Nature and “Lezioni Cinesi” edited by Solferino RCS.

Valeria Conti

Independent director

Graduated with honors in Economics and Commerce from the "La Sapienza" University of Rome and specialized in tax law with a master's degree from LUISS, she has extensive experience in the field, having worked with Deloitte and Studio Gianni & Origoni before founding CD Tax in 2021. Expert in acquisition operations, corporate reorganization, and stock market listings, she provides consultancy on international accounting standards IAS-IFRS and represents companies in tax inspections. She holds supervisory roles and is an independent director in listed companies.

Domenico Parisi

Chief Operation Officer

Domenico Parisi is an aerospace engineer with over 15 years of experience in operational management and innovation. After his thesis and the first few years as a quality program manager in the aeronautical field, he moved to Canada for two years, where he served as the production manager of a newly established small production plant for the assembly of major structural components for a new aircraft from one of the world's three largest commercial aircraft manufacturers. Upon returning to Italy, after completing a master's degree at three different European universities, he took on the role of plant manager in Brindisi, overseeing over 200 employees in the production and assembly of primary structures for civilian and military helicopters. Throughout his career, he has led European research projects and managed plants in Italy and Canada. He has a proven ability in leadership, change management, and human resources coordination. He has developed a deep understanding of multicultural contexts and international work dynamics. After five years of experience in the innovation consultancy sector at Mare Group, and obtaining certification as an Innovation Manager with corresponding registration in the professional register, he is now part of the executive management team in the role of Chief Operation Officer.

Federico Gilblas

HR Manager

Graduated in Business Administration, he worked for Engineering (1990-1992), Bull HN Italia (1992-1999), and Finmatica (1999-2002).

In 2002, he decided to leverage his technical/managerial experience by founding, together with three partners, the company Mate Consulting, an IT company where he held the position of general manager.

Since 2022, following the acquisition and subsequent merger of Mate Consulting into Mare Group, Federico has been serving as the HR Manager within the group.

Gianluca Perrone

Chief Commercial Officer

As the Chief Commercial Officer of Mare Group, Gianluca Perrone leads a dynamic Sales and Marketing team, implementing cutting-edge digital transformation strategies. His leadership leverages cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to optimize business operations and drive sustainable growth.

With over twenty years of experience in the technology sector, Gianluca has held significant roles at Microsoft, Dell EMC, Salesforce, and Gartner. His extensive experience enables him to excel in account management, business development, and strategic consulting. He is known for consistently exceeding sales targets and building lasting, trust-based relationships with clients.

Gianluca holds an MBA from SDA Bocconi and a degree in Business Administration. His expertise extends to business advisory, where he is passionately committed to helping companies navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. His strategic approach and forward-thinking vision ensure that businesses not only adapt but thrive in the ever-evolving digital age.

Updated March 2024​

Updated March 2024​

Mare Wave, the expansion of the Group

Mare Group has launched an investment program that aims to increase the number of employees, turnover and to scale market expansion and improvement of business models through acquisitions and research.


Techology for Humans
The technological development plan which aims to improve the offer of products and services for BUs.
  • Technology
  • Eureso Platform
  • Digital


Hydrogen to Green
The project to expand sustainable engineering grading it on the fundamental role that hydrogen will play in the future.
  • Sustainability
  • Eureso Green
  • Hydrogen

Growth Curves

The Group is growing trough both recruitment and specialistic training of resources juxtaposed with its acquisitions policy. Due to these acquisitions, the Group can offer cross-selling opportunities that are well matched to the advancement of the group’s commercial environment; an evolution obtained through research and development. In addition to updating the market offer, the Group’s innovative course of action has also led to performance improvement and offering customers more transparency, involvement, and support.

RESOURCES MARKET TECHNOLOGY R&D​Partnership​ INNOVATION Digital Manufacturing​Development​ ACQUISITIONS Recruitment​Lab​ HUMAN RESOURCES B2B Automation​Internationalization​ COMMERCIAL AREA

Group Structure

In addition to the activities of the brands integrated within Mare Group Ltd, Mare Group, implements its evolutionary vison and growth through acquisitions and shareholdings within a constantly expanding company.