Paun maregroup 15 April 2022
Paun Project

Apr.2016 – Jun.2021

Vitual Reality
Augmented Reality

Cultural Heritage

The project is part of the Campania Regional POR-FESR 2014-2020, with the specific purpose of laying the foundations for the construction of the Urban Archaeological Park of the City of Naples:
  • by analyzing the archaeological-monumental heritage, conducive to creating an integrated data system, knowledge and information
  • by creating a network of sensors for non-invasive monitoring of risks and potential damage to which the assets are subject to
  • by creating innovative solutions to allow the sustainable and large-scale use of marketable heritage


Research and Development

Mare Group annually invests in Research and Development to promote and expand projects, technologies and the ideas of its team. Every year, the Group faces bigger challenges in wanting to become a reference point for companies in Southern Italy. Find out more about other projects.

Blockfil Artificial Inteligence
Invictus Artificial Intelligence - Extended Reality
Herfuse Composite Materials - Additive Manufacturing
Digimedfor Artificial Intelligence - Extended Reality
Debora Artificial Intelligence
Arketipo Artificial Intelligence
Modern ICT