Neurorehab maregroup 28 February 2023
Neurorehab Project

Set.2016 – Dic.2020


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The project aims to develop a clinical application to support decision (Neurorehab Management System) for stroke patients who start neuro-rehabilitation in the post-acute phase.
This initiative intends to define innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence tools and the use of rehabilitation devices in order to simplify and automate patient classification. It also enables these applications to collaborate within an evolving ecosystem, not only from a syntactical but also from a semantic perspective. The goal is to improve the appropriateness and adequacy of care/therapy, support dehospitalization and facilitate the return to the patient’s home environment, enabling cost savings for the National Health Service (SSN), optimization of Essential Levels of Assistance (LEA) and an enhancement of the patient’s quality of life/autonomy


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