Digimedfor maregroup 26 June 2023
Digimedfor Project

Jun.2023 – May 2026


Artificial Intelligence
Extended Reality


Environmental Sustainability
Green Economy

The project aims to employ advanced and innovative digital solutions to improve the monitoring and management of forest resources along the supply chain from their origin to the wood industry, optimizing both the sustainability of wood production and the traceability and the provision of ecosystem services, addressing the synergistic use of geo-spatial, AI and modeling technologies, combining them with ICT.


Research and Development

Mare Group annually invests in Research and Development to promote and expand projects, technologies and the ideas of its team. Every year, the Group faces bigger challenges in wanting to become a reference point for companies in Southern Italy. Find out more about other projects.

Herfuse Composite Materials - Additive Manufacturing
Digimedfor Artificial Intelligence - Extended Reality
Paun AR - VR
Remiam AR - VR