Blockfil maregroup 5 June 2024
Blockfil Project

Sep.2019 – Feb.2023


Artificial Inteligence



Innovative blockchain-based infotechnological system for the creation of the digital food supply chain
(BLOCKFIL – F/200070/01-03/X45)

The project proposes the study and development of a new infotechnological system for the agri-food supply chain, through the development of new systems, based on the blockchain paradigm, capable of redefining the concept of traceability based on a multiple approach (documentary, direct measurement of parameters and indicators and data compatibility/consistency) and on the creation of a shared open platform, up to the evolution towards the concept of “digital distributed company”. The Blockfil project has carried out its research activities along 3 fundamental lines, which are also directly and intimately connected, and they will represent the evolutionary future of production processes and will define new business models:
  • Industrial IoT, understood as a push towards the digitalisation of processes
  • Blockchain, which is instantiated as a trust layer capable of automating many industrial processes efficiently
  • Artificial Intelligence, capable of creating value from data processing with a view to making processes more efficient
* The project has an admitted cost of €1,753,686.88 and an admitted contribution of €1,082,045.85


Research and Development

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