E-Brake maregroup 8 March 2022
e-brake Project

Nov.2018 – Jun.2022


Machine Learning Algorithms



The project is part of the European Research Program Clean Sky 2 Fast-Rotorcraft, created to create innovative eco-sustainable aircraft, more respectful of the environment during their entire life cycle. It aims to design, manufacture, test and certify an innovative electro-mechanical braking system for Small AircrafT, taking into account the mass and weight, energy consumption and safety constraints imposed by aeronautical applications: the prototype will be integrated into the landing gear of the Piaggio P180 EVO aircraft.


Research and Development

Mare Group annually invests in Research and Development to promote and expand projects, technologies and the ideas of its team. Every year, the Group faces bigger challenges in wanting to become a reference point for companies in Southern Italy. Find out more about other projects.

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