Angela maregroup 8 March 2022
Angela Project

Sep. 2016 – Oct. 2020


Composite Materials
Additive Manufacturing


Green Economy
Mass Saving

The project is part of the Clean Sky 2 Fast-Rotorcraft European Research Program, and has the aim of developing, producing, testing and qualifying innovative landing gears to be integrated into the prototype of high-speed rotary wing aircraft. speed (rotorcraft) called Life R Craft developed by Airbus. The goal is to reduce:
  • up to 15% of the weight of the trolley
  • construction costs by 20%
  • delivery time by 20%
  • material waste by at least 15%
  • operating costs by at least 20%


Research and Development

Mare Group annually invests in the Research and Development sector to promote and expand projects, technologies, and the ideas of its team. Each year, it faces ever-greater challenges to become a reference for other companies in Southern Italy. Explore the other projects.

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