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Modern Project

Set.2016 – Dic.2020


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Business Processes

The MODERN Project’s main objective is to introduce new methods in enterprises and useful models to support consistently the innovation process and simplify the delivery of services, both to internal and external actors, according to the paradigm of Enterprise 2.0.
The definition of architectural solutions is proposed as an objective enabling the execution and the reconfiguration of user-centered processes, methodologies and techniques for sharing knowledge and collaborating in the Open Enterprise prototypes and the defined architectures.
The project, which has a strong connotation of Industrial Research, will address a range of issues such as the definition, orchestration and service delivery, access and composition user-oriented services, representation and organization knowledge, the pattern “social” for user interaction and sharing of knowledge, the reconfigurability of processes user-centric.
All research topics addressed will be extended to modeling of new architectural solutions that give concreteness and consistency to the paradigm, the principles, tools and technologies that are commonly included in the ” hodgepodge” referred to as Enterprise 2.0. These solutions will converge in the definition of a model of Adaptive Enterprise Architecture that will take into account, in an integrated manner, also emerging needs related to Social Network & Community and the Semantic Web creating an Extended Adaptive Enterprise Architecture.


Research and Development

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