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Pollicino Project

Set.2016 – Dic.2020


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Advanced logistics

The Pollicino Project is the achievement of an innovative system to be used for the management of traceability and condition of the goods during their transport and parking. Prototype applications that cover the following requirements are proposed:
  • follow the movements of the “box” (containers, pallets, containers, etc.), the opening and closing operation, changes in the condition (temperature, humidity, etc.) of goods;
  • make available the information collected (integrity, the paths followed, etc.) In the legacy type and enterprise resource planning systems, so they can be used in different business processes between organizations.
The technology platform is mainly based on RFID and GPS technologies for the identification and location of the “box” and interoperability with other platforms is ensured by the use of (eXtended Markup Language) XML technology.
They are designed and built prototypes of systems that can detect and store the information processing characteristics of the means of shipping (container) and make information available to the business processes as web services, accessible directly from the ERP system and all integrated applications.
For the Project will be considered the design and construction of prototypes infrastructure technologies based (RFID, GPS, etc.), which allows the detection of location information in real time property and physical operations performed.
We used smart ID systems, mobile terminals, antenna detection, Wi-Fi devices, departmental databases, integration of systems and ERP systems. The aim is to integrate applications of info-mobility applied to the goods, with RFID applications and provide all supply chain tracking system based on the “label” intelligent able not only to be identified by local detection systems (RFID antennas), but also to be “track” along the transport route through GPS (Global Positioning System) and GIS (Geographic Information System).


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