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Set.2016 – Dic.2020


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Innovative solutions for monitoring and Preventive diagnostics of infrastructures and fleets of vehicles remotely in order to raise the levels of availability, efficiency and safety of the railways.
Study and development of the modernization and upgrading process of regional rail networks, increasing security levels and the ability to transport, taking advantage of new technologies, satellite positioning and telecommunication and its integration with TLC both traditional and innovative ones. In particular, these innovations encourage the development of rail transport, as part of regional transport, reduced costs of operation and maintenance and the cost of the initial investment for the construction of new lines or strengthening the already existing ones.


Research and Development

Mare Group annually invests in the Research and Development sector to promote and expand projects, technologies, and the ideas of its team.
Each year, it faces ever-greater challenges to become a reference for other companies in Southern Italy. Explore the other projects.